Some info about me, social links and so on:

Hi everyone! My nickname is SEVERiN and I play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, I'm 25, live in Novorossiysk in South of Russia, Semi-Pro player in Counter-Strike 1.6 in the past. I played with many top players of the whole CIS and not only. Winner of many LAN and Online events. I played for such teams as: 27club , ipG, KOHTOPA, Quraga, LOLPANIC, 98, NOVA, Hala Ares, Comanche. At the moment, inactive, I master the basics of the frontend, the result of what you see in front of you.

In the future plans, the development and maintenance of this blog (project), if all be fine, in the future I will transfer the site to the CMS, because in the current form, editing all the content is very inconvenient, further plans to add more languages. Sometimes I will update the content, add fixes after updates, new console commands and setting and all other. Stay Tuned!


Nowadays development of this project will require some cost, including payment of hosting, translating into other languages, transfer to CMS and so on. All of this exists on a kind word, so any support is important for me. Perhaps this "project" will grow into something more with your support. (No, actually I'm planning to bathe in gold and buy a Porsche).

WMZ: Z170015135257

WME: E579741191804

WMR: R101245144863

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