Mouse choose guide & settings

List of mice without acceleration and prediction

  • Microsoft IME 3.0
  • Zowie FK FK1 FK2 FK1+
  • Zowie AM
  • Zowie EC1 EC2 EC1-A EC2-A EC-2 CL EVO EC1-B EC2-B
  • Zowie ZA11 ZA12 ZA13
  • Zowie S1 S2
  • Razer ABYSSUS
  • Logitech G400 G400S G303 G502 GPRO G403 G703 GPRO Wireless
  • Steelseries Kana v2, Rival 100 110 300 310 300S 700
  • Final Mouse 2015
  • HyperX Pulsefire Surge, FPS
  • Xtrfy M4
  • Razer v3 pro
  • Logitech superlight
  • * List will be updated.

Mouse settings at windows, sensitivity, dpi, polling rate (Hz):

A windows setting of 6/11 is the best setting, as it gives a 1 to 1 relationship between mouse and cursor movement that is not altered through software :)

DPI itself is nothing more than a certain "count" per inch traveled. A higher DPI means a higher count for any distance the sensor travels across a surface which leads to the cursor (or reticle) on the screen traveling a larger distance. For example, when you are using a DPI of 400. That means that when you move the sensor an inch it will cover 400 pixels (not taking into account any ingame or OS sensitivity settings). This means that on a 1920x1080 resolution screen, it will take 1920/400=4.8 inches of mouse-movement to travel across the entire length of the screen. Note that this also means that in some (but not all) applications perceived sensitivity by the user is lower for higher resolution screens. From my experience I can said, that more dpi provide more "smoothness" in comparing of lower dpi.

Polling rate is the frequency with which data is being sent to the operating system. The default polling rate on USB is lower than what most mice are capable of (every 8 miliseconds, or 125Hz). Practically all modern gaming mice standard have a higher polling rate enabled. A polling rate of 500Hz or 1000Hz represents information being sent with a frequency of 2ms and 1 ms respectively. Here is the link where u can check ur mouse's polling rate.
Click Speed Test

m_rawinput 1

I Mostly recommend to play with m_rawinput 1, in spite of the pro players who probably play with value 0. Input lag is minimized, the most reliable mouse movements, have not met computers where playing with m_rawinput 0 could be possible and I advise you do not mock yourself. For experiment, change the values of the command, you will see the problems during m_rawinput especially with slow mouse movements. If there is still acceleration or you think so, download MarkC MouseFix, apply the registry file for your version of windows, reboot.


All modern mouses have built-in memory, with rare exception, so I advise you once you set up in your mouse application dpi, polling rate and other - remove all software associated with your mouse and don't leave anything at startup.
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DPI Calculator:

This calculator allows you to calculate the Dots Per Inch (DPI) new sensitivity given the current sensitivity and DPI value.

Current DPI

Current Sensitivity


New Sensitivity