Windows settings

Windows settings:

Visual effects:

Go to Start - Computer - Properties - Advanced system settings - Advanced - Performance - Settings - Custom - Disabling it all gives the best performance.

Disable XBOX DVR

Enormous input lag. Here is reg file that permanently disables it. download

Disable unnecessary services

Typically, a lot of unnecessary services are working in Windows by default, so disable all of them (if possible). The link below is a registry file for disabling some services. Download

Easy Services Optimizer (eso)

Small programm with different presets (safe, extreme etc). Choose extreme at bottom, then service - check all - File - Apply services (orCtrl+S), reboot.
Here u can download it: Download

Turn off telemetry, delete application's Metro.

By default there are plenty tasks in Windows 10 in the task manager, that send data about operation of the system, many Metro applications (I haven't started them since start of Windows 10) and other garbage. Fortunately, craftsman created DWS (Destroy Windows Spying). Set the settings as in the screenshot. ATTENTION!: Do not tick "Add spyware domains to hosts" - Skype will stop working :).
If u want u can remove onedrive and turn off windows update
Link: Download

Clear startup and not loading waste services:

Press WIN+R, type msconfig.exe, go to the "Services", tick "Hide all Microsoft Services", remove the tick from everything we don't use, except anti-cheats, etc.

Sound settings:

Set your bitrate to 16bit 44.1k, anything higher can cause a delay. Go to start - control panel - sound - choose ur device - properties - advanced. Same with Recording devices. Disable crystallizer, eax and other things.

Disable unused devices in device manager:

Right mouse button on PC - Device manager - sound video and game controllers - Nvidia High Definition Audio - right mouse button - disable. U can disable all unwanted devices, but u do it at ur own risk.

Nvidia driver settings:

to NVIDIA Control Panel - Manage 3D Settings.

Maximum pre-rendered frames - Set to 1

Power management mode - Set to Prefer maximum performance

Texture filtering - Quality - Set to High performance

Vertical sync - Set to Off

Shader cache - Set to Off

Multidisplay - Set to Single display performance

Virtual Reality pre-rendered framea - Set to 1

What AMD users shall do? Look for the same settings in you Control Center, change them in the same way, maybe later I will add screenshots with the AMD drivers setup.

Power options:

Go to Start - Control Panel - Hardware and Sounds - Power Options - Set to High Performance.


this command turns on/off HPET (High Precision Event Timer) at the Windows level, you can achieve interesting results in combination with turning on/off this option in the BIOS. For enabling HPET in Windows press WIN+R, type cmd.exe, run as administrator, then type

bcdedit /set useplatformclock true

Reboot. To turn it OFF type:

bcdedit /deletevalue useplatformclock

Windows Defender:

This one is hugely noticeable. Go to the start menu, in the search box type "Windows Defender" and open it. Go to Tools/Options, then go to the last tab at the bottom and uncheck the box labeled "Use this Program". Or u can use services.msc and find it here, WIN+R on desktop, type services.msc, find windows defender and disable it. U can remove it from autostart in Ccleaner.

Disabling core parking:

Relevant for windows 7 (on win10 disabled by default). Download CPU Core Parking manager, raising the slider to 100%, Apply, reboot.

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