Increase your PC performance!


What is this and why?
Hello, my dear friend! :) On that website I collected all the useful and important settings for CS:GO, Windows, etc for your comfortable playing. Verified and structured information from the whole Internet is collected in one place for you. That will not make you a pro player, but can help squeeze out everything from your PC, which can help in achieving better results.
Who you are and where did you get this?
I have been playing games of the series Counter-Strike for 10 years and I have got some knowledge in IT sphere, which I have used for adjusting PC of all my "teammates" :) And on my own I have researched impact of specific options in the game and PC perfomance in whole
What is an inputlag?
In video games, input lag is either the delay between the television or monitor receiving a signal and it being displayed on the screen, or the delay between pressing and game's response. Indeed, we are going to see into how to minimize it.
What exactly will I get with these settings?
In numbers - increasing FPS depending on the power of your PC, decreasing input lag, boosting response of your system in whole.